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CELEBRATING AND Sharing our curriculum

At Thorverton C of E Primary School we believe that celebrating success, no matter how big or small, is a key part of our curriculum. Whether this is in the classroom, on the sport's pitches or on the big stage, we want to offer our children a plethora of experiences so that they can thrive in later life.

Each term we host celebration sharing afternoons where children share their learning with parents and carers, who are then invited to join us for one of our Friday Celebration Assemblies. We also host music concerts and performances for parents, carers and wider family, providing our pupils with a chance to share their learning experiences, skills and talents.

We value the importance of working in partnership with our parents, carers and families. As well as our Termly Celebration Afternoons, we also provide parents with a half-termly Curriculum Planner, which outlines the content due to be covered in their child's class. We also host information sharing evenings at various points throughout the school year.

As well as learning in school, our Home learning projects which run over a half term/term allow children to deepen their understanding of a particular area linked to their geography, history or science subject driver at home. Home learning projects are presented and celebrated as a class with parents and carers invited in to be a part of this learning process.