exe valley federation

Exe Valley

Church and Community

Our school is one of four schools within the Mission Community of Netherexe Parish which is a community of eleven churches within the Diocese of Exeter - the Church of England in Devon.

The school and the local community often come together in worship and celebration of the Christian calendar, worshipping together enriches the life of the school and the church community.  Religious visitors to the school include the Baptist Church in the village and the Initiative in Christian Education (ICE), the school often uses the Chapel and the Church for their assemblies. Services throughout the year are held at St Peter's Church in the village when parents and friends of the school are encouraged to join in.  The school supports the village church ‘Service with a Smile' a monthly service held on the first Sunday of each month and the school decorates a beautiful Christmas Tree with prayers and decorations for the village's Christmas Tree Festival.

The Netherexe Parishes website can be found at http://www.netherexe.org/

The Exeter Diocese website can be found at http://www.exeter.anglican.org