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Curriculum Showcases and performances

At Newton St. Cyres we believe that celebrating success, no matter how big or small, is a key part of our curriculum. Whether this is in the classroom, on the sport's pitches or on the big stage, we want to offer our children a plethora of experiences so that they can thrive in later life.

Throughout the year we host celebration sharing assemblies where children showcase their learning for that week. We also host open afternoons where we invite friends and family into school to celebrate the learning process and progress which has been made over the term.

In PE and sport, we use technology to record final compositions and routines for dance and gymnastics, as well as core components of striking and fielding and invasion games. These videos are played back to the children to look at the progress which has been made over the course of the PE block/unit.

As well as learning in school, our Home learning projects which run over a half term/term allow children to deepen their understanding of a particular area linked to their geography, history or science subject driver at home.

Children are given a  stimulus to begin their learning and they present their findings on an agreed date. Home learning projects are presented and celebrated as a class with parents and carers invited in to be a part of this learning process. 

Below, you will find examples of curriculum showcases from our core learning in school as well as our home learning projects.

Taiko Drumming

In the summer term, children across the school had workshops on how to play Taiko Drums. Lucy and Jan from Taiko South West led the day and here is a video of class 4 from the assembly performed in the afternoon.


Christmas in the Foundation Stage Unit

Every Christmas we host a special celebration assembly where parents join the nursery and reception children to listen to songs and share work they have completed. The children learnt Makaton for Silent Night and also did a Christmas dance. The assembly ended with a special video created by the staff and pupils in the FSU. We hope you enjoy it.


PE - Gymnastics - Year 5 & 6

In the autumn term, our PE is delivered at Lords Meadow Leisure Centre in Crediton. This PE offer provides children with swimming, gymnastics and tennis/hockey over a 12 week block. This term, the children have been working with a gymnastics specialist and performed their final routine in the last week. 


History - Travel and Transport - Year 1 & 2

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Guide for Children

This history topic taught children about travel now and how it has developed over time. The children focused on trains, cars and planes and also linked to our assembly theme of community where we looked at Mary traveling to Bethlehem on a donkey and how different that would be today.

In their home learning projects, the children all used a range of materials creatively to design and make products.

Geography - All Around The World - Year 3 & 4

All Around The World Guide for Children

Children in class 3 created some very special projects linked to their class topic 'All Around The World'. They had a set amount of time to create their projects, based on a brief which was sent home at the start of the year (PDF above). These were then brought into school and presented to parents as part of class 3's open afternoon.

Geography - Frozen Kingdoms -   Year 5 & 6

Frozen Kingdoms Guide for Children

This geography project taught children about the characteristics and features of polar regions, including the North and South Poles, and included a detailed exploration of the environmental factors that shape and influence them. 

 History - World War 2 Year - 5 & 6

World War 2 Guide for Children

This history topic looked at the causes and effects of World War 2 on Britain. It also asked children to think about the implications of evacuation and what that looked like for Newton St. Cyres. 

 History - The Shang Dynasty - Year 5 & 6

Shang Dynasty Guide for Children

This history topic looked at the leaders of the Shang Dynasty and the downfall of the Shand Dynasty. The children learnt about class structures and the difference structures for men and women. The overarching theme was thinking about how modern China has been influenced by the Shang Dynasty.

 Music Festival December 2022

Music Festival Programme 2022

Click on the video below to watch Charlie and May playing I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. They are a very talented brother and sister duo! Well done to both of them!


Theatrical Performances - KS1

Every year we perform a nativity for friends and family at Newton St. Cyres Church. This provides the perfect backdrop for the Nativity story. The event is always a sell out and everyone is amazed with the performances from our younger members of the school. This year we performed 'Baarmy Bethlehem' where the nativity is retold through the eyes of three sheep; Cheeky, Rascal and Scamp.

Cheeky, Rascal and Scamp the sheep are real party animals! So, when they see Bethlehem filling up, they assume it’s for a big celebration and they do not want to miss out! They escape from the flock and make their way into town, but although they find lots of things they love like noise and crowds of people, there is no party.

As they continue their search, they come across all the traditional nativity characters and eventually, in the peaceful, quiet stable they find one enormous reason to celebrate and party!

Theatrical Performances - KS2

Every year in the summer term, our KS2 children perform a play which is hosted at Newton St. Cyres Village Hall. It is always a spectacular event which sees our children performing to over 150 people during a matinee and evening performance. Below are some of our recent productions.


Anchors away and set sail for swashbuckling pirate adventure on the high seas in this piratical musical that's sure to shake your booty! Young twins Jack & Liza Periwinkle yearn for adventure, so imagine their joy at discovering a real life treasure map! But when the infamous Redbeard and his pungent Pirates of the Curry Bean steal the map and kidnap their mother, the race is on to rescue her, reclaim the map and find the treasure!


When the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and his gormless guards threaten the villagers of Sherwood, feisty Maid Marion hires a band of freedom fighters for protection. But when Robin and his Merry Men arrive, she soon discovers they're not exactly what she'd ordered! With no time to lose, she persuades these hapless heroes to take centre stage for the performance of their lives - if only they could stick to the script!