exe valley federation

Exe Valley

Vision Statement

In a creative, caring environment, we all support and challenge each other to develop confidence and independence. As active global citizens, we are inspired to discover and succeed in lifelong learning.

In all our schools: CHALLENGE We promote a culture of high expectations and drive towards the best outcomes We support and encourage each other by what we think, feel, say and do We learn to question and challenge each other in a positive way Our curriculum content is unique to our schools Our teaching is inspiring, creative and engaging for everyone.

DISCOVER We value every member of the school community with all their differences We enable everyone to discover their unique interests and abilities We recognise that some of the best learning comes from mistakes We learn that it is important to contribute to the world not just take from it.

SUCCEED We celebrate success in many different forms We strive for excellence in all we do We prepare children for the future by encouraging growing independence We support children and families in every way we can We ensure that all our children are safe, happy and confident so that they can achieve the best possible outcomes.