exe valley federation

Exe Valley


Mrs. Kate O'Connell

Mrs. Julia Heathershaw

Mrs. Jude Holding

Mrs. Lorelei Manns

Mrs. Pauline Kemp

Mrs. Tina Martin

Miss. Jessica Atkinson


 Welcome to Maple class!  We are Year 1 and Year 2 

Mrs. O'Connell teaches from Tuesday to Friday and Mrs. Holloway teaches on Mondays.  Mrs. Holding teaches on a Thursday afternoon whilst Mrs. O'Connell has her PPA time.  We are supported by our class TA, Mrs. Manns, throughout the week and Mrs. Kemp, Miss Atkinson and Mrs. Martin as our 1:1 TAs.  

In Maple class, we love learning and 'Explore and Learn'  and directed challenges help us to develop and progress in all areas of the curriculum. . We work hard to develop a sense of independence and responsibility for our own learning; fostering a sense of pride and eagerness to engage, learn and develop our skills.   

We use a restorative approach and strive to listen to all the children's needs, no matter how big or small.  We believe that promoting positive relationships help form a sense of place and belonging in our class and school.